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We love our volunteers!  There are so many ways that you can help out the animals and staff at our shelter.  Listed below are just a few ways you can volunteer to help.  If you have other ideas or talents, please give us a call.  We’d love to hear from you. (Note: Children 14 years or younger must be accompanied by an adult when volunteering at the shelter.)
  • Become a member of our Fundraising Committee.  We have several major events, and many smaller events, throughout the year, that are vitally important to keep our shelter running.  We always are in need of volunteers to help plan, organize and/or volunteer at these events.
  • Education!  Would you like to go to schools or youth groups to give educational talks and demonstrations?  We would love to hear from you.  We can provide you with the materials you need to design a program.
  • Make phone calls.  Simple, yet time consuming for our staff.
  • Enrich the lives of our dogs and cats by spending time handling and socializing our kittens and cats, and/or walking, having play time or training our dogs and puppies.
  • Transport an animal to a vet appointment, or to meet a rescue group that has accepted one of our animals.
  • Volunteer to help us at one of our frequent community events.  This can be holding a dog at an Adoption Event at the Easton Petsmart, or helping us staff a booth at a local function, such as the County Fair, or Summerfest.
  • Groom a dog or cat
  • Help do laundry at the shelter!
  • Hang flyers around the county promoting our Spay Neuter Program or other upcoming events.
  • Electricians, plumbers, computer whizzes, landscapers, repairman/woman, anyone with a specialty…please let us know that you are available and we can call you when we get into a pinch.
  • Donate items on our wish list.

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